Supply chain outlets that are struggling to keep pace with stakeholder demand must recognise that they don’t have to carry the burden all by themselves in 2022.

In this space, there is room to maneuver with a third party logistics (3PL) team, giving them the scope to develop efficient practices with packing, receiving, transporting and managing the distribution channel.

It might have been an idea tabled by ownership or management at some juncture before, but unless there is an acceptance that business-as-usual won’t deliver the desired results, then the enterprise is bound to remain in stasis.

This is a chance to look at the strategic advantages these operators can provide for their clients when they introduce them into the environment.

Scaling a Workable 3PL Model

Third parties that are hired on a contract basis with these placements recognise that every business will be unique with their demands in 2022. The supply chain dynamic is never a static production line, so these specialists will allow the client to outline what they need assistance with, where they can help on the floor and where they need to give the staff room to undertake their own tasks. These provisions are fluid as the organisation dictates what they want out of the provider for 2022 and beyond.

Reducing Financial Waste

If the bottom line is not improved over the course of weeks, months and years with in-house practices, then the introduction of a 3PL team will help to alleviate those concerns. A fresh pair of eyes will empower brands to objectively assess where money can be saved and where financial opportunities lie. From courier partnerships to ordering practices, allocation of labour, using more efficient sets of tools to elements like power and lighting, there is a myriad of techniques that they will introduce to save on the bottom line.

Superior Time Management


Efficiency can be judged across a number of key metrics, but labour time is an essential component that needs to be optimised at every level. By using a 3PL team for these essential practices, outlets find that they are running like clockwork across every domain of the operation, saving them hours and hours in the process.

Adhering to Legal Stipulations & Corporate Responsibilities

Commercial outlets that are in the market for a 3PL team will often look for safety assurances regarding their importing, exporting, storage and shipping practices. One case of oversight can leave the brand liable in case of damage, compromised stock, injured personnel, no insurance coverage or just a failure to disclose the right contents through the right channels, a situation that ownership and management don’t even want to contemplate.  By hiring these experts, they have a body that follows all of the right protocols and removes any stress about legal complications or a failure to adhere to industry protocol.

Using Superior Technology Systems

From forklifts and packaging equipment to staff attire, inventory infrastructure and software utilities, the engagement of a 3PL team will ensure that organisations are getting up to speed on 2022 industry technology. This is an area that often holds supply chain members back because they are comfortable using what they know and what they are accustomed to. The use of a quality 3PL team will allow businesses to break that circuit and venture forward with confidence.

Making Gains With Other Commercial Targets

When a 3PL team is brought into the equation in 2022, suddenly enterprises have more scope to focus on other domains of the business without being interrupted by importing, exporting, inventory control and shipping. It may involve auditing and financial analysis to marketing campaigns, stakeholder engagement or strategic planning. Whatever time was lost to managing these intricate logistics demands, suddenly there is scope to branch out and think about other considerations.